When it comes to managing your IT staffing and mission-critical technology needs, we offer solutions that can be customized according to your needs. DCS provides direct placement services and technology staffing, as well as thought-leadership regarding technology projects, IT staff development, and comprehensive workforce management solutions.

Do you have upcoming staffing needs? As your IT staffing partner, we want to understand your current and future IT initiatives. This insight, along with our industry and technical expertise, will enable us to help you proactively plan for your future IT needs. Contact us today to speak with a DCS partner who can help you achieve your future IT initiatives.


              Our services are segmented to focus on distinct aspects of technology including: interactive marketing, eCommerce, web development, infrastructure, and communications. As a result, we provide a diverse offering that does not sacrifice the specialized technical expertise required to deliver high-performance results.


              Why DCS? Simply put, DCS goes above and beyond to provide you with the right people and exceed your expectations. Whether you require direct placements to staff an entire project team to deliver a global solution, or just a single mission-critical placement for marketing operations, we go further than providers to ensure our professionals have the necessary technical and soft skills to not only perform their job exceptionally, but also to mesh with your company culture.


              DCS understands that there a many factors driving the supply and demand for top IT talent in the markets we serve. That is why we maintain a localized approach to best serve the needs of our customers, many of whom have operations in multiple locations. By executing our quality process based on our knowledge of the local market issues and strong local relationships, we are able to deliver the world class IT staffing solutions our customers expect from a strategic partner.


              DCS is your relationship resource to career development. Let us facilitate your professional growth and career development by finding you a position at one of the most respected companies and organizations around.


              At DCS, we believe that the career choices you make today shape your professional development and goals for tomorrow. Whether you know exactly who you want to become professionally or you’re still trying to figure it out, we want to help you get there. What story do you want to tell?


              Interested in advancing your career? We would love to discuss with you how we work and what companies we represent. As a job candidate working with DCS, we will seek first to understand who you are, what you do, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

              Once you enter into discussions with one of our clients about job opportunities, rest assured that we will handle your candidacy with strict confidentiality and professionalism.

              It’s our role as a recruiter to mediate salary negotiations, answer questions throughout the interview/hiring process, and facilitate your employment transition. We believe that it’s in our best interest to serve as a trusted career advisor and sounding board for you, while also servicing employers to help them find the best possible fit for their employment needs.


              Many times, professionals are often approached by staffing recruiters who do not seem to understand what they do or care about what they are interested in doing. At DCS, we avoid calling you about irrelevant opportunities by taking the time to not only understand your skills and interests, but your personal and professional goals as well.


              Most of the calls that today’s technical professionals receive are limited to one specific job opportunity. If the position isn’t what you’re looking for, the conversation quickly ends. On any given day, we have over 5,000 available job opportunities. We know more than just the job descriptions, therefore we can share details about the IT initiatives, their business drivers, the culture of the teams, and the technologies involved.


              Technical professionals are often at a disadvantage when sent to interviews without insight into the customer’s business or the project. Due to our providential relationships with our customers as well as the professionals who have worked for them, we can provide you with an insider’s view of what to emphasize and what to expect throughout the interview process


              Many professionals can face awkward moments when they arrive at their new engagement without the necessary resources or guidance during the transition. DCS facilitates a successful on-boarding process by connecting you with employees that can help you transition into your new role. To support your ongoing development, we will also provide you with complimentary IT training and support resources throughout your engagement.


              A top concern for technical professionals is to remain consistently employed on engagements that advance their careers. However, most staffing firms have difficulty engaging in subsequent searches while their technical professionals are on assignment.