Requirements and Expectations

Part of what makes DCS unique is the emphasis we place on fact finding. That is, before we begin an executive search, we invest the time to understand the precise requirements, responsibilities and expectations the position entails. We ask a lot of questions, and keep your answers confidential, as always. And while the main focus is on recruiting someone with the skills and experience needed, we also try to get a sense of the personality type that will best fit your corporate culture.

The Best Way You Want

Executive Search for The Perfect Candidate

DCS is a dynamic executive search firm dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber professionals. We're talking about people who can step into a position and immediately begin to contribute to your company in a pivotal way. Whether you need to find a CEO or to build an entire sales force virtually overnight, DCS is the answer to your executive search needs. We connect time-strapped employers with talented job candidates.

Consultative Approach to Hiring

The distinction of a consultative search firm such as DCS is that we’re not just recruiting the candidate but managing the process to completion. The end of the process is as critical as the beginning. We ensure our client hires the best possible candidate and our candidate accepts an offer they are excited about accepting. We work diligently to manage client and candidate expectations and openly facilitate communication throughout the process. By clearly and consistently showing value, we demonstrate that our clients’ interests come before all else.

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